Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mini-monsters epidemic!!

There is an epidemic going around!! Mini-monsters are being created at an uncontrollable rate! These mini-monsters are sucking the energy out of us and confusing our way of thinking!! And who are the culprits at the root of these creations??


It is unbelievable the amount of parents that do not like what their children are becoming. Every week, I've got parents (primary reasons for the appointment is usually stress and burnout) coming in complaining about their kids not helping out in the house, being disrespectful, lazy, ungrateful and so on. Mini-monsters! And so, in the next few weeks I will be posting ideas to help understand where these mini-monsters come from and what we can do to help tame them.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

EYE can see you !

One of the things I always get asked is "what is Iridology" ?

Iridology is a diagnostic technique that inspects the different structures of the Iris (colored part of the eye) and how imbalances in these structures can represent different conditions in the body.

When I first was studying to become a Natural Health Practitioner, I was VERY skeptical towards Iridology. I have now been practicing for over 10 years and am constantly impressed with it's accuracy. If you dont believe me, try me :)

The way it works is simply me looking into your eyes with a magnifying glass and a small flashlight. And yes, I make sure not to eat too much garlic before the appt. :)

When clients come in for the consultation, I first do the iridology exam before knowing any of their health conditions. It is only once I have finished explaining the iridology findings that we go through a detailed health history. That's right!! I explain what's wrong with you, before you share anything with me. Now, how impressive is that !! And no, I am not psychic :)

How do you know if someone is a good Iridologist? Easy. If her/his findings match your conditions, then they are good.

It definitely is something worth trying. It's a good way to detect abnormalities before they have a chance to develop into potential disease. It also helps to determine the best way to approach certain health conditions. One example of this is, obesity. What I mean by that is , there are a few things that can come into play when dealing with such a condition. Thyroid imbalances, Adrenal Gland dysfunction, digestive disorders, bad lifestyle habits, all of these can contribute to obesity! A simple Iridology exam helps clarify exactly what is wrong so that we can approach the issues dead on and not waste time wondering what is causing the negative symptoms you might be experiencing.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me or just post it on the comments. Or you can just book a flight and come see me ;).

Yours in Health


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why I bothered

So there I was, finally pregnant. I was huge, I was happy and I couldn't ask for anything more.
The day I gave birth is the day it all began. My journey as a Natural Health Practitioner (I just didn't know it yet). You see, my son looked perfect. He was an amazingly beautiful looking baby. I should have been so happy. But I wasn't . Not that I told anyone at first because that would mean I was ungrateful for this miracle. How can I not feel this overwhelming joy that all the other mothers were feeling? Can I be that selfish not to be grateful for this beautiful baby?
You see, my baby cried alot. And I mean alot, actually, he screamed alot. It seemed that the only time he was quiet was when I was breast feeding him. And even then, in between gulps, he would come up for air, let out a scream-like sound and then continue drinking. For the first year he would barely sleep more then 2 hours at a time. I was exhausted and wondered what was wrong. And so I started asking my doctor if maybe there was something wrong with him. At first people told me I was a nervous mother and my baby felt it. And so I listened to relaxing music and so on, but things didn't change. I went to specialists, and got some tests done on him and all the results said that nothing was wrong. I felt helpless and angry. I got so depressed and discouraged I thought I was going through a huge depression. I even went on anti-depressants for a few months.
One day, someone told me to go see this Naturopathic doctor. I remember secretly thinking to myself, will he be using a voodoo doll? I didn't know anything about herbs/vitamins and all that natural stuff. But I was desperate, so I went. Long story short, approx. 4 weeks later I had a healthy child on my hands. My son had food intolerances which in turn affected his stomach and intestinal lining. All that time, I was clueless to the fact that some of the foods I was eating and then sharing with him through my breast milk, irritated his stomach lining and caused him digestive pain. And this is why he was crying! He was in pain!
Well that was it. There's no way I could go on with my life having gone through this and not utilize it to help others. And so I went back to school to become a Natural Health Practitioner.
If someone would of told me then, that one day I would be helping people in regards to health, I would of thought them crazy. This experience made me realize that even through tough times, we can always learn something and use it in a positive way. Now, am I saying that this is easy? Not even close. But we do have a choice. As my husband would say, “There are moments in life that bring us pain, and that is inevitable, but the choice to suffer is ours”. To be honest with you, there are times when I want to tell him to shove this saying up his you know what :) but when I stop and really think about it, he's right (please don't tell him I said this). We can sit there and suffer through some of life's pain, or we can grow, and learn through these difficult moments.
And this is why I bothered to become a Natural Health Practitioner. I hope that my future blogs help some of you. I will be taking this time to share some of my personal experiences and thoughts. Who knows, maybe it can make a difference.

Next post = what is IRIDOLOGY

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


My name is Denise and I've finally decided to try this "blogging" thing out :)
(I'm not much of a tech person so please bear with me)

Here are a few words that best describe who I am:

Natural Health Practitioner / Iridologist / Lifestyle coach
Organized (or at least I try to be)
Somewhat sarcastic at times
Straight forward
Hard worker

I have chosen to call my blog "Practically Healthy" because I believe that "true" health is a continuous process of life. I am very practical in my approach as a Natural Health Practitioner and I like to keep things as simple as possible.
I will be writing on certain health and lifestyle issues that I believe affect people on a daily basis. My goal is simply to share my personal thoughts and knowledge and hopefully enrich others' lives and learn through this sharing. As I do have a full life, I will do my best to write a new blog every other week and hopefully respond to most of the comments.

And so with that said, that's it for now and I look forward to developing new acquaintances.