Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why I bothered

So there I was, finally pregnant. I was huge, I was happy and I couldn't ask for anything more.
The day I gave birth is the day it all began. My journey as a Natural Health Practitioner (I just didn't know it yet). You see, my son looked perfect. He was an amazingly beautiful looking baby. I should have been so happy. But I wasn't . Not that I told anyone at first because that would mean I was ungrateful for this miracle. How can I not feel this overwhelming joy that all the other mothers were feeling? Can I be that selfish not to be grateful for this beautiful baby?
You see, my baby cried alot. And I mean alot, actually, he screamed alot. It seemed that the only time he was quiet was when I was breast feeding him. And even then, in between gulps, he would come up for air, let out a scream-like sound and then continue drinking. For the first year he would barely sleep more then 2 hours at a time. I was exhausted and wondered what was wrong. And so I started asking my doctor if maybe there was something wrong with him. At first people told me I was a nervous mother and my baby felt it. And so I listened to relaxing music and so on, but things didn't change. I went to specialists, and got some tests done on him and all the results said that nothing was wrong. I felt helpless and angry. I got so depressed and discouraged I thought I was going through a huge depression. I even went on anti-depressants for a few months.
One day, someone told me to go see this Naturopathic doctor. I remember secretly thinking to myself, will he be using a voodoo doll? I didn't know anything about herbs/vitamins and all that natural stuff. But I was desperate, so I went. Long story short, approx. 4 weeks later I had a healthy child on my hands. My son had food intolerances which in turn affected his stomach and intestinal lining. All that time, I was clueless to the fact that some of the foods I was eating and then sharing with him through my breast milk, irritated his stomach lining and caused him digestive pain. And this is why he was crying! He was in pain!
Well that was it. There's no way I could go on with my life having gone through this and not utilize it to help others. And so I went back to school to become a Natural Health Practitioner.
If someone would of told me then, that one day I would be helping people in regards to health, I would of thought them crazy. This experience made me realize that even through tough times, we can always learn something and use it in a positive way. Now, am I saying that this is easy? Not even close. But we do have a choice. As my husband would say, “There are moments in life that bring us pain, and that is inevitable, but the choice to suffer is ours”. To be honest with you, there are times when I want to tell him to shove this saying up his you know what :) but when I stop and really think about it, he's right (please don't tell him I said this). We can sit there and suffer through some of life's pain, or we can grow, and learn through these difficult moments.
And this is why I bothered to become a Natural Health Practitioner. I hope that my future blogs help some of you. I will be taking this time to share some of my personal experiences and thoughts. Who knows, maybe it can make a difference.

Next post = what is IRIDOLOGY


  1. Holy cow!!! Sassy was a crier- cried for the first FOUR months. (No sympathy from YOU i guess) But it was so tough. I love your story!! Good luck with your blogging- it's addictive!!!

    thanks so much for stopping.

  2. Hi Vodka mom
    how old are your kids?

  3. Thanks for sharing your story! I am looking forward to learning more.

  4. Well, I am impressed. A Natural Health Practitioner. I readily confess that I do not know much about this, coming from allopathic training. But I am open to it and would love to learn more. I end up feeling much of the time like I am just slapping bandaids on people's problems here in the US. The system, in the end, is just as much about making money as the rest of the economy. And as a result, the system is not structured to be able to spend the time to focus on what really brings about true health, prevention through meaningful lifestyle changes. There is no money in that. I think I should write a book. That would help more people.

  5. Thanks FSRT

    At first I was nervous about having doctors as clients. But now I welcome them. The last doctor I had asked me why they were not taught this stuff in school? Quite frankly, thank god you're not, if so I'd be out of a job;) I'll be posting this week in regards to what Irilology is. Hope you come back and read it.