Friday, March 6, 2009

Help! My Stepmom's a Natural Health Practitioner

Hi. I'm the stepdaughter of a bioenergy-nutritionist, natural health practitioner and certified iridologist.
So, imagine what it's like being a preteen in the middle of all of that!
Can you?
Before Denise came along, I had absolutly no thoughts of such things. Now, I think about her every time I eat something sugary, or junk-related.
As a preteen, life revolves around junk food, messiness, and sadly, school. Or so I thought :)
My stepmom has slowly changed my views. Junk food is a nice little gift, my room cannot be messy, and school is a priority. Now, don't get me wrong. I like school, well, sometimes.

With my stepmom's lists, which I will mention later on, my homework is never late, forgotten, or badly done. My room is almost 100% clean all the time and I know I will thank her someday, but that's not anytime soon! Even though it is nice to have a clean room ( but don't tell her that!), the work is my least favorite part.

Now, I bet you are curious about the famous lists. An average Saturday's list involves vaccuuming, cleaning the bathroom and cleaning the kitchen. It sure keeps the house clean! My stepmom does cleaning too, it's not just us. She probably does much, much more. But we don't notice. Well, we do but, but ummm... ahh whatever, we notice!
A weekday list involves: putting clean or dirty dishes away, putting dirty or clean laundry in their respective places and cleaning my bedroom. Messiness is not an option.

And lastly, the topic of junk food. I don't really have to write about it. She's a natural health practitioner. I think you can imagine what it's like.

By: Cheyenne


  1. Just imagine what its like being married to her. I have been trying to convince her for years that Peanut Butter is one of the 5 main food groups. ;)

  2. Cheyenne,
    You are an amazing stepdaughter and an incredible writer. I'm so proud of you!
    p.s. I think you forgot to clean the cat litter :)

  3. My dear granddaughter, Enjoyed your loving comments abt my dear daughter-in-law. I'm waiting for your 1st book, keep it up dear! Enjoy your vacation & take care of yourself.
    Love, Grandma xxx

  4. What a sweet girl! My 11 year old son is getting better about keeping his room clean - but it still involves verbal prompts most of the time!

  5. Wow, what a grounded teenager. Great writer, too.

  6. my daughter writing this? Well..i'm not a health practitioner..but a health-conscious mom who nags every single day about cleanliness and the importance of avoiding junk food (but looks like nobody listens!) !